Accounting & Financial Management for General Managers [ONLINE COURSE]

Accounting & Financial Management for General Managers [ONLINE COURSE]
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Product Description

This course created completely by Jeff Sacks is specifically designed for general managers who would like to be more effective in managing the accounting and financial functions of the dealership. Using effective control mechanisms and understanding how to engage with key accounting personnel and department managers on critical financial and accounting issues, such as cycle time, asset management, cash flow, expense control and financial management reporting issues are important management elements to embrace and utilize. After completing these modules, you will understand what are the financial disciplines needed to be in place to effectively manage and monitor the financial and accounting performance of the dealership.

This course consists of 3-modules split into various chapters ranging in manageable learning chunks between 5 and 10 minutes. Many of the chapters conclude with testing exercises.

*fee includes: 11 month subscription / 2 logins per rooftop (GM & 1 Manager)

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